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MISSION: To give the world a fresh perspective regarding Filipino-American food culture.

We are the only foodistas to provide stories, news, education and most importantly, appreciation and promotion of Filipino-American food and drink to enthusiasts and consumers, who want an introduction and/or connection to what defines and redefines the landscape of Filipino-American culinary culture today.

We are not a food truck, restaurant or catering company.

Karena and Haydee, LMU Radio

Karena (left) and Haydee (cackling) on the airwaves at LMU.

There’s a general assumption that Filipino culture mostly consists of health care workers, engineers and accountants, eating various forms of fried pork, huddled in front of an enormous television, watching boxing or singing karaoke. OK, some of that is undeniably true, but there is another side. While we do savor fresh-out-of-the-oil chicharron , a thirst quenching cold beer and cheering for a basketball game (or boxing match – Pacquiao is pretty damn entertaining), many Filipinos today aren’t so traditional, predictable or transparent. We appreciate the arts, value independent businesses and most importantly, enjoy delicious food. Pig Parts and Beer challenges, pokes fun and embraces these assumptions, while informing you about the ever changing, ever growing Filipino American Food scene.

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  1. Love your blog!! Recipes too

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