4rth Annual LA Beer Float Showdown

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4rth Annual LA Beer Float Showdown

This past weekend I got my judging on. I was asked by my buddy Josh Lurie of Food GPS  to participate in the 4th Annual LA Beer Float Showdown. The contest features local breweries and restaurant chefs creating the most thoughtful, yet decadent beer and ice cream pairings.

Golden Road Pub not only hosted the event, they were one of the five breweries showcasing their skills that hot hot day.  Eagle Rock Brewery defended themselves against three other So. Cal favorites Strand Brewing, El Segundo Brewing Co. and Beachwood BBQ and Brewing.


Cherry Sorbet

Cherry Sorbet-Short Cake

We listened to each  elaborate explanation. We smelled and sipped each plastic cup concoction. We set our friendships aside and cast our choice.  It was a hard call, but (pause)  the collabo (pause)  that got my vote (pause) was (extra long pause)...Strand Brewing-Short Order & Short Cake! They didn’t even do ice cream son! They produced a brandy soaked cherry sorbet and beer!  It tasted like a slurpee version of Lambic’s Framboise. Holy matrimony, it was perfect. Kudos to Josh for putting on a great event and sun hats off  to all of those who participated, especially my neighbor and buddy, Ting Su. It was  over a year ago that Pig Parts hosted our own collaboration with ERB“The Pleasure of Pig Parts & Beer”.   Time flies and its nice to see how far their family business has come. Check out the  ERB documentary for yourself! Congrats Ting, Jeremy and the whole ERB crew.


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