Cap’n Crunch Halo Halo; Chef Dale Talde

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Cap’n Crunch Halo Halo; Chef Dale Talde

Most of you know him as the hot headed Filipino dude with glasses from Top Chef Season 4, but Dale Talde’s got all that under control now (so he claims). He better! He’s got shit to do and a restaurant empire to run. This m*ther f*cker (I mean that lovingly) has not one, but two NY spots; Talde and Pork Slope. Talde is “a hit” and Pork Slope is just getting started. From what I can tell (by the online menu and YouTube videos) Chef Dale  ain’t apologizing for sh*t;  not his potty mouth, nor his love for Filipino food.  This assertive Pinoy opened Talde, “the neighborhood joint” in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The menu incorporates Asian, Island and American  cooking methods and ingredients.

Hawaiian bread buns with Filipino sausage, crispy oyster & bacon Pad Thai and Korean wings & waffles are some of the fused grinds that make my mouth water. Most interesting to me, probably because I love sweets, is his take on Halo Halo, a traditional Filipino shaved iced dessert.  Instead of layering the tricked-out-snow-cone with puffed rice, he experiments with a childhood favorite,  Cap’n Crunch!

He finishes off the sugary treat with even more goodness… drizzled condensed milk.

Oh. Ma. Gawd. I need to get my ass to New York asap.

Korean Fried Chicken

Dale’s Korean Fried Chicken

Cap’n Crunch Halo Halo

In the kitchen with Top Chef Dale Talde

Dale Talde’s Kare-Kare Recipe

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