Caramia! It’s freagin hot!; Chill Out With Filipino Gelato

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Caramia! It’s freagin hot!; Chill Out With Filipino Gelato

Holy Shiz Balls it’s hot, and what better way to chill than with a cold, tasty, creamy scoop of gelato! Gelato is an Italian frozen treat. Made with more milk and less fat and air than ice cream, gelato’s traditional flavors are served in a small cup with a wafer. Well move over traditional, here comes contemporary! Caramia Tropical Gelataria offers a mash up of Italy’s frozen goodness with delicious dessert flavors of the Philippines. What! My personal favorite is the Sans Rival gelato. The rich, cashew-y-buttery, layered cake is crumbled into sweet vanilla gelato. Need I say more? Yes, I need.


Caramia also offers mango jubilee, ube and cornĀ  flavors. Halo-Halo and their version of an ice cream sandwich, a scoop of gelato between fresh baked ensaimada (brioche), are also on the menu. Locations include the Eagle Rock Mall, of course, and Jeepney Grill in Cerritos.









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