Filipino Food Game Strong

leche flan atop use cake

leche flan atop UBE cake

We’re back and Filipino food has blown the f*ck up! YAS! 2016 is the year of Filipino food. If I see another damn picture of leche flan atop some sort of ube concoction, I’m going to poke my eyes out. Ok, maybe I won’t be that dramatic, but you get what I’m saying. There’s so much love for Filipino food on the Gram that I almost can’t take it, almost. We here at Pig Parts & Beer started promoting our love and passion for Filipino food long ago in 2009. This is when our first and oh so popular “Pork, The Filipino Way” design was conceived (eh hem, now available on Amazon). Our pretty piggy blog started oinking its way into your hearts in 2011. That same year, we hosted the first Filipino food and beer pairing event, The Pleasure of Pig Parts & Beer.  Much has changed in the Filipino food scene since then, most notably, closeted Filipino food lovers have come out! Let your flag fly. Thanks to the OG’s, the pioneers of Filipino food, this generation of foodtrepreneurs get to bask in the spotlight like a pig in sh*t. Bad Saint in DC, Maharlika in NY and Rice Bar in LA are all examples of this new advocacy for Filipino food.

I truly believe this generation of Filipinos and Filipinas aren’t seeking the approval of other cultures anymore. We’ve done it for so long and in terms of food, it’s not gotten us very far, so we, just started to say f*ck it. I’m not apologizing, nor will I be embarrassed or ashamed about my food anymore”. My experience, the experience of my parents and grandparents is as valuable as yours and I’m gonna stand behind it, loud and proud.

So happy to be back.

Pig Part & Beer

Pig Parts & Beer “Pork, The Filipino Way” Tee Shirt

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Those Pigs Got Smoked!;Horse Thief BBQ

Horse Thief's Anthony Chin

Horse Thief’s Anthony Chin

By Karena Apollonya Ebora Higgins

Filipinos and BBQ just go together like Indians and curry, like Japanese and Sushi, like Koreans and Kimchi,  so a Filipino owned BBQ spot is nothing out of the ordinary. What is shocking is, well, there are a few things: 1. they don’t use sugar in the “marinade” (Are you sure y’all are Filipino?)  2. There’s no direct flame used to cook the meat 3. The restaurant space wasn’t an after thought.  It is adorable and perfect for our So. Cal weather. It’ll be even better when they open the bar. Booze and BBQ!

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Filipino Food Tour with Backyard Bite Part I

Karena & Amy Eating Turon


It’s been a hot minute since we posted up a video, like 2 freagin years! It’s only because we like to get shit  right and we did.  With the help of uber blogger Amy Shuster aka Backyard Bite, we’ve got a hot one for you.  Pig Parts took Backyard on a tour of some of our favorite spots for Filipino grub and goodies. First, we hit up United Bakery in Silverlake. Owner Andrea De Guzman drops some old school 411 about her “hood”, what Filipinos eat and why she’s not “playing around”. Check out the video and watch us throw down like dainty beasts.

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Meet Mark, The Filipino Half Of Kogi BBQ

Mark chats with PP&B

Mark Manguera chats with Karena Higgins of Pig Parts & Beer

Mark Manguera prefers to stay under the radar and out of the spotlight when it comes to many things KOGI BBQ. That’s right, this Filipino dude is the other half of the bulgogi-kalbi-taco empire. We had a chance to catch up with Mark at Cafe 101 in Hollywood. He dropped some serious food for thought. Check out why Mark thanks the recession, gives drinking props and advises all entrepreneurs to do this before they start.

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Fresh Slider for Spring; Bacon-Salmon-Pandesal

Pandesal with Bacon, Salmon & Greens

Pandesal with Bacon, Salmon & Greens

It’s been over two years since I started this beast of a blog. In that two years, we’ve met lots of food folks, attended interesting foodie events and tested lots and lots of fucking recipes. To commemorate our anniversary we’re uploading a new pic to our FaceBook profile. Finally right? I know, we suck, but not really, we just wanted to replace that tasty lumpia cover shot with something expressive of where PP&B is today. So here’s what we created, a bacon-salmon pandesal slider. It’s a perfect combination of all of the ingredients we love and it’s cray easy to put together. Enjoy and keep it fresh with Pig Parts & Beer.

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Meet the Adobo Ho, Chef Jade Gaje

Chef Jade Gage

Chef Jade Gaje

By Karena Apollonya Ebora Higgins

Jade Gaje was the catering queen for one of LA’s most popular downtown eateries, but in 2010, she decided to break out on her own. We got a chance to spill the tea with THE JADE CHEF about many things, including the crazy massage moment that changed everything, her love of the .99 Cent Store and why she calls herself, The Adobo Ho.  

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Slangin’ Siopao in Silverlake; Boss Andrea De Guzman


With Boss Andrea De Guzman

WIth Boss Andrea De Guzman

By Karena Apollonya Ebora Higgins

United Bread & Pastry  has been anchored in the same spot off of Sunset for over 27 years, and although the De Guzman Family has watched their Silverlake neighborhood go through changes, their traditional Filipino baked goods remain old skool. I had a chance to chat with Andrea De Guzman aka Tita. She dropped knowledge, including her  unique approach to marketing,  how the fear of getting busted was a good thing and why bigger is not always better.

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TOCINOLIO; Filipino Spaghetti

Pasta & Tocinio Unite

Pasta & Tocino Unite

by Karena Apollonya Ebora Higgins 

I love Ina Garten. She makes food look so simple and delicious. Recently, I caught the “chef” episode. She goes around asking chefs what they cook for themselves at home. There were several tasty dishes, but the one that stood out was the pasta olio, simply put, pasta with olive oil. With the exception of the Parmesan, I had all of the ingredients in my pantry. I decided to give the recipe a twist and a try. I added that Filipina flavor, TOCINO! So for my version, Pasta Tocinolio, I added chopped tocino and sprinkles of fresh lemon juice. The annatto marinated pork adds a light and smoky sweetness to the spaghetti entrée.  The lemon gives the entire dish that fresh sour punch.  It’s perfect for lunch or dinner.

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Don’t Stay SUKA Free; Filipino Vinegar


Kinilaw, Filipino Ceviche


by Haydee Vicedo

Suka (pronounced soo-ka)  may sound like a figure skating move Michelle Kwan’s about to attempt successfully – “and Kwan landed that triple suka beautifully…”; but it actually means Filipino vinegar. Yes, Michelle landed those triple salchows like nobody’s business, but she was definitely not  aiming for vinegar. Suka, along with patis (fish sauce), toyo (soy sauce) and bagoong (fermented fish/shrimp), is one of the main staples of the Filipino pantry. If you’re making Filipino food, you have suka somewhere in your kitchen. And if you have suka in the kitchen, you probably have at least one or two of the many varieties out there. Some are named after their place of birth –  Sukang Iloko is from a region in the Philippines called, you guessed it, Ilocos, a la New York cheesecake. Others, meanwhile, get their moniker from the plant/tree they originate from. Sukang Tuba, for instance, comes from coconut sap, while sukang nipa (also known as sukang paombong) derives from the nipa palm. The latter is probably the vinegar most widely used in Filipino cuisine. And because you asked so politely (you didn’t know it but you did), we’re going to name just a few of the many delectable dishes in which suka’s presence reigns supreme.

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