Chef Sheldon Simeon Showcases Filipino Food

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Chef Sheldon Simeon

A Pleasantly Surprised Chef Sheldon Simeon

By Karena Apollonya Ebora Higgins 

Chef Sheldon Simeon is on a roll. On last week’s battle he seduced the TOP CHEF judges with his Sinigang (tangy tamarind soup) and this week…Well this week he won the naysayers over with his delicious “modern Filipino” restaurant concept, URBANo.  “Urbano”, named after Sheldon’s  Lolo (grandfather), went head to head with the twisted French flavors of Chef Kristen’s “Atelier Kwan”.  Unfortunately and fortunately, Ms. Kish’s concept, team and execution could not conquer the war. It was a close call, but ultimately Sheldon lead his team to victory by staying calm, cool and collected. I’m sure he would’ve lost his shit if he knew about Stefan’s front-of-house shenanigans.


Adobo@URBANo Photo: Chef Sheldon


Regardless of Stefan’s shortcomings, Sheldon’s food was spot on. From his kinilaw, fresh fish sliced and dressed in vinegar, citrus, ginger and chilies to his “best dish of the night” pork adobo atop mung beans,  Sheldon showcased his leadership skills and culinary creativity, but most importantly, he paid homage to his Filipino heritage. Whether Chef Sheldon wins the series or not, he IS a Top Chef. Congratulations.

Chef Sheldon's Sinigang

Sinigang, Filipino Tamarind Soup
Photo: Chef Sheldon Simeon

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