Filipina Wins The White House; Chef Cristeta Comerford

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Filipina Wins The White House; Chef Cristeta Comerford

By Karena Apollonya Ebora Higgins 

The election is fast approaching and who knows what the hell is going on. The thing I do know is… “he who controls the food controls the world”!  With regards to the White House, it ain’t either of those dudes. The Commander in Chief a la Cuisine is Filipina Chef Cristeta Comerford.

This lady is not only the first woman to be elected the post, she is also  the first Asian-Pacific Islander !  Woot Woot!  Born in the Philippines and raised in Manila, Mrs. C majored in food technology before immigrating to the US.  Cristeta worked for many famous hotel chains, but has been employed by the presidential palace since 1995. “The prestigious position puts her in charge of cooking for the First Family as well as crafting the elaborate meals for formal and state dinners-plus the intense holiday-party season”. Cris’s favorite food is her mom’s chicken-and-pork adobo with jasmine rice, and her favorite drink, a Venti triple-shot skim extra-hot no whip, mocha. Done.

CC possesses all the characteristics of an ideal candidate; intelligence, responsibility, organization and diplomacy, too bad she’s not running for office. EPIC FAIL. Regardless,  she does oversee the executive kitchen and I elect we continue to celebrate Filipino American Heritage Month by giving her and her best loved eats, props. Thanks for representing!


Chicken Adobo with Rice

Mocha Latte No Whip

Cristeta and Bobby Flay







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