Filipino Flavored Gifts For Your Boo

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Sea Salted Chocolate Caramel Bars
Photo: Coastal Home

By Karena Apollonya Ebora Higgins 

Going “out” on Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure. That shit can be bananas. I avoid the headache and settle for tasty take out, Netflix and my boo.

Although I’m over the “going out” part of V-Day, I’m not really above the gift getting. I love me some swag!  If you’re punching yourself trying to figure out WTF to buy for moi or  your hubby or baby’s mamma, life partner,  side- piece, jump-off or whomever, don’t pull your weave out just yet.  Tacky teddy bears wrapped in cellophane and flowers from the freeway off ramp are not an option. Pig Parts To The Rescue! Here’s a list of our favorite food related goodies for your significant other or you, if you opt to celebrate Single Awareness Day. Either way, lub and hugs.   

1. Crème Caramel LA

Think your aunt’s leche flan and bread pudding, but better!  Owner Kristine De La Cruz has taken her family’s recipe and turned it the fuck up. It’s smooth and creamy as butter (no air bubbles). The little tins are sweet and full of familiar flavors like chocolate, pumpkin, coffee and bacon, but you can never go wrong with the OG version.


Filipino Leche Flan

2. Eden Canyon Wine

Filipinos producing wine? Who knew?  Well we did. We know everything. Muahahaha.  Elaine Blackaby and Danilo Villamin’s great grape estate was established in Paso Robles, 1995. This father-daughter operation offers hand-crafted, award winning, crushed goodness. Get your buzz on at Red Carpet Wine in Glendale, CA.

Filipino Owned Eden Canyon Wine Estate

3. Marti Chocolatt

Buko Pandan and Mango Caramel are just two of the many flavors that Filipina Chocolatier Tonet Tibay creates for Marti Chocolate. Her small production focuses on quality and creativity not quantity. To place an order, shoot her an email.

Filipina owned chocolate company

Marti Chocolatt Truffle Box


4. Sweet Coconut Bakery

“Classic American Sweets and Filipino Treats”. Super Cute! And Really Tasty! I’ve had the opportunity to try the pastillas de leche and anis flavored polvoron. So freagin delicious.  Although located in Seattle, these bakers can deliver.

Filipino Short Bread Cookies

Polvoron, Filipino Shortbread Cookies
Photo: Sweet Coconut Bakery

5. Pangasinan Salt

Let me introduce you to the fleur de sel of the Philippines via a little artisanal food shop in Pasadena. They carry two varieties of Pangasinan salt, pink and white. The name actually means “land of salt”. Pick up a tin and rub, sprinkle or dash your way into someone’s heart this VDAY. Nothing says “I love you” like high blood pressure.

Pangasinan Salt Field

“Land Of Salt” Pangasinan Philippines



Pangasinan Salt of The Philippines





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  1. Hello!

    I just found the amazing chocolates you have on pin interest. I am a Filipina based in London and I am planning to open up a coffee shop here in london. We plan to mainstream Filipino brand in terms of coffee and pastry products. I want to know if you export your products to the UK.

    Please let me know! I am also open for your ideas or suggestions.


    Jena Krause

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