Flippin’ What? Flippin’ Who? – FLIPPIN’ YOLK Truck enters the scene

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Flippin’ What? Flippin’ Who? – FLIPPIN’ YOLK Truck enters the scene

I attended the  first FPAC  20 years ago when I was a SIPA kid (I am now buying a rocking chair and subscribing to AARP). Through the years I’ve not only been a guest of the FIL-AM event, but I’ve participated as a vendor who successfully sold my Pinay Clothing gear (one of the first ones out there…check, check y’all).  This year I wanted to show some love and represent for PP&B. I decided that early Saturday morning, right when festivities began, I’d  find myself some good Filipino-style breakfast. Enter the fabulous Flippin’ Yolk food truck.

Let me tell you, Flippin’ Yolk was the business. They serve ‘silog breakfasts (fried egg, garlic rice and choice of meats) all day long, among other goodies. My first taste came by way of a sample from a nice woman reppin’ the truck and that sliver of the tapa (thinly sliced beef seasoned with soy sauce, garlic and vinegar) was on point. I cut to the chase and ordered a tapsilog (said tapa with the works).

longanisa heaven

Flippin’ Yolk’s longsilog

Although their tocino (sweet cured pork) and the longanisa (Filipino sausage) both looked delicious, I thought I’d go the more salty and not sweet route. While chowing down on my tapsilog like my life depended on it, I started chatting with Keo who manned the truck outside, and who happened to be one of the chefs/founders’ wives. She told me that FY started its food truck trek a few months ago and so far the reception’s been great. The sisig, she said, was the hands-down crowd favorite, but their homemade longanisa (especially in their FY burrito form) was her favorite. “Whatchu’ talkin’ about Willis?”, I thought to myself. Homemade longanisa? The recipe is her mom-in-law’s, she touted. I looked at my flavorful tapa and couldn’t imagine anything better, so she offered up a sample to taste. Five minutes later she came back with freshly-made sausage heaven and oh my she wasn’t lying. Not too sweet, salty or garlicky but the perfect combination of all three. Just delectably right! There’s more to check out on Flippin’ Yolk’s menu, so when you get a chance, do yourself a favor and indulge in the best longanisa you’ll ever have. It’s flippin’ fantastic.

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