Food & Wine & Voting; Pig Parts Rubs Elbows with Top Chefs

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Food & Wine & Voting; Pig Parts Rubs Elbows with Top Chefs

Summer’s almost officially over,  booooo. Here’s a recap of one of the best events we attended during the break, and what we have planned to end the summer right.

In August, we had a chance to hit up Food & Wine’s Asian Night Market . The event was held in front of the NOKIA theater downtown, “you fancy huh?“.

We were welcomed with a bright red carpet, a step-n-repeat and empty, to-be filled wine glasses. There were so many booths and so many comforting aromas, we didn’t know where to start. First on our list was cuisine a la Zimmern, a shredded beef slider. Chef Andrew was actually there, actually cooking and actually friendly. He loved, loved, loved the PP&B tee shirt we gave him.  The other top chefs took positions, manned their stations and it was on like donkey kong!

The featured  F&W platers were surprisingly accessible. We had a brief conversation with  Bizarre Foodie Andrew Z., bear hugged Sam Choy, gave  props to Roy Choi and said bonjour to Canada’s Susur Lee. The night was dubbed “Asian Night”, but  nope, there was no booth dedicated to Filipino cuisine (WTF). We did, however, have representatives. The boys from Fuku Burger held it down. They served up a pork belly skewer with a fresh fried malasada. The sweet puffy donut and salty,savory combo was delicious.  All participants served up Asian influenced cuisine and the booze, jaysus,  the booze was freagin endless.  This event is  def on my list of “to do’s'” for next year.

Andrew Zimmern

Zimmern loves the PP&B Tee!

Sam Choy and Pig Parts & Beer

Sam Choy loves Lechon Baboy!

Kogi Roy Choi

Peace & Grease to Roy Choi

Fuku Burger with Pig Parts

Fuku Sports Our Tote Bag

As for the tail end of the Summer/September, we will be exercising our right to vote and so should you! Come gulp, slurp and burp with us at The LA Beer Float Showdown, Saturday, September 29. The event is held at Golden Road Brewing and  highlights beer-n- ice cream pairings from some of the best local breweries (Eagle Rock Brewery, Beachwood Brewery and El Segundo).  You may not feel like voting gets you shit these days, but in this case, you’ll get a buzz!


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