Friday Filipino Firewater: Discovering G.S.M. Blue

Posted by on June 2, 2012 in Beer & Booze | 0 comments

G.S.M. Blue Ginebra San Miguel

Isn’t it great when friends visit and they make the special effort of bringing a gift? It’s like Christmas in June, I tell ya! Tonight a buddy of ours stopped by for a quick visit and randomly (to my delight) gifted us a bottle of G.S.M. Blue, a gin made by the folks who also brew San Miguel Beer. G.S.M. (Ginebra San Miguel, if you’re nasty) is described on its website as “a 65 proof, sugar cane alcohol with essences of juniper berries and other botanicals.” I concur with the sugar cane because this stuff’s sweet. And smooth. And yummy. And definitely 65 proof. As a semi-retired bartender, here’s my yummy drink suggestion: make a nice summer cocktail with this! Mix it up with some remixed melon juice, as highlighted from our previous post, and lots of ice and you’re good to go!  You can call it Blue Melon! You’re welcome!

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