Grab ‘Em By the Balls; Filipino Soup Series, Sweet Porridge-Ginataang Bilo Bilo

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Can this election be over already? I’m so ready to decorate, cuddle up with my Netflix and plan the holidays. This is supposed to be the time of year we celebrate being together. PP&B has been highlighting the savory side of things  in our soup series, but  we wanted to take a moment, reflect and add something sweeter, a dish that symbolizes unity.  Ginataang Bilo Bilo is that hug in a bowl we all need right about now. This porridge  is created by cooking rice flour balls (bilo-bilo), jackfruit (langka) and sago pearls (tapioca) in coconut milk (gata). Adding yams or corn are also options. I have fond memories of rolling the rice flour mixture into soft round pillows.  It’s warm, creamy and chewy, perfect for chilly weather. Kawaling Pinoy has a great recipe and beautiful pics.

Sweet Rice Porridge

Sweet Rice Porridge; Ginataang Bilo Bilo