Halo Halo 2.0; Filipino Sundae

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Filipino Sundae w/ Banana Chips and Creme Brulee

Filipino Sundae w/ Banana Chips and Creme Brulee

Did any of you catch Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain in Koreatown? Tony and Roy Choi made a brief stop at Jollibee for some “Filipino representation”. Among the fast food goodies The Kogi King nudged the Tonester to try,  was the mix mix drink/dessert aka Halo Halo. Halo Halo is a Filipino version of a sundae, just more tricked out.  It’s got everything: ube ice cream, plantains, corn and cheese ice cream, shaved ice, sweet beans and leche flan, yes flan. Bourdain seemed to enjoy the “oddly beautiful and very tasty” frozen treat. Good Times.

Everyone has their own version of Halo Halo and almost all of them, except for this one, muahaha, include Ube Ice Cream.  That’s right,  this 2.0 version is sans the purple yam and sweet beans, but plus everything else delicious, including creme brulee. I know creme brulee! WTWTF! It’s a great substitute for flan.  Give it a try. You can be ultra cool and different and serve it in a steel bowl, instead of a glass mug.


Conching Puff Pastry & Banana Chips for Halo Halo

Conching Puff Pastry & Banana Chips for Halo Halo

Serves 1 or 4, You Decide! 

Several scoops of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream

Thin and Crispy Sweet Banana Chips or Plantain Chips, whole and crumbled

Conching Special-O Tap Puff Pastry

Scoops or slices of Creme Brulee

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Assemble however the heck you feel like assembling. Eat. Enjoy! 


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