Haydee Vicedo

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Haydee Vicedo


As a 1.5 generation Filipino-American (kids born in the Philippines and grew up in America), Haydee Vicedo is the ideal co-blogger for Pig Parts & Beer. Migrating to Los Angeles at eight years old, she anticipated not only saying goodbye to numerous family and friends, but to her favorite foods (especially to her beloved tocino) as well. To her delight, Haydee was welcomed to America with not only hamburgers and hot dogs, but also regular meals that featured adobo and other familiar dishes from the homeland.

While still in college she founded one of the first clothing lines targeting the Filipino-American market, Pinay Clothing. What was initially a hobby and something she thought would be fun to do on the side to help pay for college turned into quite a successful venture. It was then she realized that her fellow Filipinos not only loved buying things that show off their cultural pride, but that their buying power is immense. Looking back, she didn’t realize she was conducting her own market analysis of the Filipino consumer. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University (her Catholic parents approved) with a Marketing degree, she had a chance to grow Pinay but took a risk and decided to try her hand at other passions. She loved working with at-risk youth and became Assistant Director for a non-profit entrepreneurial program called Food From the ‘Hood, which produced and marketed its own salad dressing. Haydee became more familiar with the food industry during her tenure and was able to participate at the World’s Fair in Germany. Writing and public relations were other interests she went into wholeheartedly. She has written for various paper and online publications including Latin Beat Magazine (for which she had a monthly column highlighting women in the entertainment industry), edited and wrote for Jointz, a popular nightlife magazine, and has done PR and copywriting work for organizations like the Imagen Foundation/Awards, JFX Online and world-famous drummer Sheila E.’s Elevate Hope Foundation. Haydee holds a BS in Business from Loyola Marymount emphasis on Marketing.

In her spare time she tries to find non-fat tocino (unsuccessfully to her delight), pretends she’s trying out for American Idol in the shower and loves to amuse her beloved niece and nephew.

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