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Lumpia Love!

By Karena Apollonya Ebora Higgins

Lumpia is, hands down, the house party favorite. I have never thrown a shin dig and had left over lumpia. It just doesn’t happen.  They are the petite, meaty version of a Chinese egg roll. Lumpiyang Shanghai, its “government” name, are deep fried finger foods stuffed with a delectable blend of ground pork, minced onions, sweet  raisins, chopped garlic, garlic powder, fresh ground black pepper and soy sauce. Eggs bind the raw mixture.

Making these appetizers can be tricky. Just ask the good folks at Lumpia Shack, Brooklyn.   It takes mad practice and precision. The foundations of this recipe are the simple ingredients and meticulous execution. Grabbing the right balance of filling per spring roll wrapper is essential.

Lumpia Shack, killing it in Brooklyn!

Proper placement of said filling and bad ass folding skills are also fundamental. (There’s nothing more disappointing than biting into soggy limp lumpia filled with air pockets). I can still remember watching my Tita’s , like well oiled machines, crank out dozens and dozens of these hors d’oeuvres. No measuring cups. No rulers. Straight eyeballing it. Me, what did I do?  Besides eating the raw spring roll wrappers (yes, I was a weirdo who loved and still loves anything carbs), I observed, observed and absorbed the process. They’d knock them out, one by one. Eventually, each tightly tucked transparent tube would be carefully placed in an aluminum tray and the entire container covered with a moist towel.  Frying was reserved until the last minute. Each golden brown snack was intended to be served to guests  hot, crisp and crunchy with a delicate dip of sweet chili sauce.

Lumpia@PP&B Summer Event

Sounds so good right? Well, if you want to actually learn how to make these and other celebratory Filipino favorites,   be sure to enroll in our cooking class! That’s right party people and those looking to learn some stuff this new year, Pig Parts & Beer is teaching y’all!  Impress your family and friends. Heck, impress yo’ self.  Glendale Community College has partnered up with PP&B to offer a Filipino Cooking Class this February 19, 2013. Be sure to check out our class and instructor description. We have a limited amount of spaces so be sure to sign up asap. Support the cause,  love and passion for Filipino Food!






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