Look Fresh to Death; PP&B New Rice Cooker Tee

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Look Fresh to Death; PP&B New Rice Cooker Tee

Is it Fall already? Not quite and it especially doesn’t feel like it with this freagin hot ass weather, but you can still get geared up for Fall with our newest rice cooker tee! It was a year ago when PP&B held the first ever Filipino Food & Beer Tasting. The event  not only showcased a delicious Filipino menu and  tasty local brew, it debuted our “pork-the Filipino way” tees and totes! They were such a hit, we decided to commemorate that shindig with another original design! Check the Shop!

Rice Cooker Tee

Pig Parts and Beer Rice Cooker Tee Shirt

The newest design is so fresh to death, we decided to take it to the streets of New York. OK, not the streets of New York, more like the streets of New York on the Parmount lot. The LA Times and Jonathan Gold hosted Flavors of LA, “a full day of authentic dishes from around the world”. I know what you’re thinking….“Was there Filipino Food? ” No, but PP&B was there and we represented hard, all 5 of us!… We hope that one day, in the near future, one blog post and rice cooker tee at a time, things will change  ( if its the last effing thing we do)!


Rice Cooker Design Tote Bagg

Steaming Fresh Rice Cooker Tote

Besides the obvious omission, we decided to “be cool honey bunny” and filled our tote bags with water bottles and sunblock and set out to enjoy the other cuisines offered.  We tried almost everything, but the restaurants that made us say “damn, that’s so good”, included Farm Shop (gazpacho), Border Grill (al pastor taco), Lukshon (uni with puffed rice),  Sweets For the Soul (billionaire bar), Valerie Confections (layered cake with crumble topping) and last, but certainly not least, Plan Check (smoky fried chicken with spicy pickled okra). Plan Check’s pickled okra was the business. I’m used to sinigang soaked okra (tangy, silky slime), but this green pod was crunchy, slightly sweet and acidic, a refreshing bite. Man, it was good. Overall “The Taste”  was a  food and booze celebration on LA’s version of the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of…”.

PP&B@Border Grill Truck

Pig Parts & Beer with Border Grill’s Mary Sue Milliken


Plan Check's Chicken & Okra

Chicken & Okra@ Plan Check


Ernesto Uchimura of Plan Check with PP&B

Pig Parts & Beer with Ernesto Uchimura-Plan Check























Pig Parts & Beer checks out many food spots and attends even more events, so we try to write positively about most of our experiences; frankly, some of the stuff is whack. We don’t publish extremely negative reviews, not yet at least; that”s not the goal of our site. But don’t get it twisted, we’re here to give you information, firm and fair, so you can shoot us an email regarding most things Filipino-American food to get our, eh hem, ‘non published’ thoughts.


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