Melon Drink Remix; Cantaloupe Basil Beverage

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Melon Drink Remix; Cantaloupe Basil Beverage

Ahh… Melon, pronounced Meh-lone and so good, so refreshing, so perfect for Summer…

Lets make a batch, shall we? Our version, the remix,  uses less water, less sugar and…wait for it…fresh basil.

That’s right, basil, the strong sweet aromatic herb. Unlike the traditional Filipino recipe, we omit much of the sugar and shreds of cantaloupe, use less water and blend it in batches.  This process takes some patience, but the resulting flavor is a billion times better than what you get at the point point joint. Since I don’t have the greatest blender, I used my Magic Bullet, but I recommend a blender or Ninja. You can drink it au natural or add a shot or two of vodka. Its the perfect thirst quenching drink for Summa Summa Time.

Fresh Basil for Cantaloupe Drink

Basil Cantaloupe Drink Ingredients



2 fresh cantaloupes (chopped)

4 Fresh Basil Leaves (torn or chopped)

Juice from 1 Lime (substitute Calamansi)

2 cups organic lemonade (substitute 2 tablespoons sugar or agave or honey with 1 cup water and juice of one lemon)


Melon aka Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe for Melon Drink


Add 1 cup lemonade and chopped cantaloupe to blender. Puree chopped cantaloupe in blender until smooth.

Set large fine mesh sieve atop large bowl. Pour puree into bowl in batches and strain.

Remove excess cantaloupe foam and residue from sieve.  Repeat until all of the puree has been strained.

Add lime juice and other cup of lemonade and fresh basil.

Mix lightly. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Pour over ice. Garnish with fresh Basil leave.




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